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At MoneyRocket we make sure busy professionals like yourself make the most of their hard work and retire (or retire early) with the lifestyle they want.
Our clients are typically...
Growing and protecting wealth
Age 30s to 50s
  • What should we do with our surplus?
  • How can we use our home equity?
  • Are there special ways to save for education?
  • How much insurance should we have? What kinds of insurance should we have?
  • Should we have an SMSF?
Thinking about retirement
Age 40 to 65
  • How much will we need?
  • Can I stop/keep working?
  • Where should our money be?
  • We are receiving an inheritance.
  • We're paying too much tax.
  • Will we need to sell property?
Already retired
Age 50+
  • When should we be selling down assets?
  • This money has to last - how do I manage it?
  • Where is the income going to come from?
  • I want to make sure it passes to the right people when I die. 
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"7 Money Mistakes Every PROFESSIONAL
Should Avoid" 
Are you making the classic mistakes that advisers see all the time?
How working with MoneyRocket is different
Unlike many other advice businesses, you will only ever work with me. You won't be palmed off to an 'associate' adviser.
MoneyRocket isn't a 'production line' kind of business where we take on anyone and treat them all the same. I choose to work with people that I like and understand. This keeps things genuine and easy.
Those people tend to be professional, motivated, engaged individuals.
Some advisers won't get involved with property. We build it into our process if it's right for you and connect you with the right experts.
Before finance I was an international concert pianist for 15 years. That taught me about passion and a bigger picture. After that I worked for Ernst and Young in Melbourne in financial modelling and valuing businesses. This connected me with fantastic professionals like yourself – I felt that I had found my tribe.
I bring the first-hand experience of living one's dream with the financial expertise required to make it all work for you. 
"What can an adviser do for me?"
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Your best interests is our professional duty
Any financial decision you make has a knock-on effect to something else.
We develop detailed, written financial plans for our clients that incorporates all aspects of their life.
You will therefore have peace of mind that everything is working together.
It's our passion and our duty to do that for you.
Just like your GP or dentist, we are there for you as life changes. We make sure your best interests continue to be served and that you stay on track.
"How could this work for me?"
No portals, passwords, 2FA, no word limits.
Just an old school email.
Have a problem, a question, a situation? I'll aim to get back to you in 48 hours.
Legal professional excitedly receives Launchpad Newsletter
No vacuous tips or 'hacks'. I can't stand that stuff.
You are here for your finances and family and want meaningful progress.  
Take a peek behind the curtain of the financial advice profession. There will be insights, success stories and clangers (all anonymous of course). 
All to show you how professional financial advice can help you achieve what you need to. 
I post here when I have things to say -  but not on a daily basis. Who has time for that? And I refuse to outsource my words to a 3rd party.
'Likes' and comments earn brownie points. ;-)
By all means get the emails, read the posts, watch from afar but...
Receiving personal advice is the only way to have a tailored solution and actually make progress.
You will receive written, actionable advice specific to you and only you.
You also get 24/7 access to me when you need it.
Get your free copy of
"7 Money Mistakes Every PROFESSIONAL
Should Avoid" 
Are you making the classic mistakes that advisers see all the time?
General Advice Disclaimer
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You should, before you make any decision regarding any information, strategies or products mentioned on this website, consult your own financial advisor to consider whether that is appropriate having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs.
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