Should I be cutting out avo on toast?

Oh man, that is SO loaded! Firstly, there are no 'shoulds'. That is up to your moral compass. Secondly, 'avo on toast' has become THE inflammatory label of the last few years. I am not touching that one! But sheez it is expensive for what it is... 😉

Seriously though, I love the premise of your question – you are wanting to get ahead and have the feeling that something has to go. Sensible, realistic, grown up. Nice one. However, can I make a suggestion and turn your question around the other way? Because frankly, just reading it depresses me. It reeks of lack, deprivation, no fun. And guilt. This isn't the lingo of financial freedom!
Start with a positive
You're 'here' and you want to be 'there'. It is the 'there' that will keep you on track and get you the outcome you want. For example, you'll run 3 days a week because you want to do that race and not collapse or throw up, right? You welcome and accept the training that goes with it. You might even boast to your friends about it. You'll study on the weekend because you want to finish that course, get the promotion, get ahead. You'll want and respect the discipline. It makes you stronger, gives you choices.

As a concert pianist, I sat in practice rooms (sometimes windowless underground ones – hello Melbourne Uni!) for hours on end weekend after weekend, year after year. There was always a project, a concert, sometimes it was just to keep getting better. Most of the time I loved it, but not always. Even on the hard days my actions were always guided by the positive – the way forward. And admittedly, sometimes by the sheer fear that I would make a doosh of myself onstage. I often say to people that I never worked a single day during my years as a musician. I never considered it a sacrifice. My lifestyle was aligned with my values.
So, over to you...
What is that thing you want? What will it take to get it? If you really want it, you'll do whatever it takes to get there. It will be exciting. It will give you energy and independence! It won't be a sacrifice and your avo and toast will just fall by the wayside if it needs to.

Start with the positive. And get full transparency of your finances to work out what's possible - you know - how much you are spending on everything.

You've done that already, right...?.
Author: Mark Kruger
Mark Kruger is an ex-concert pianist turned CFA Charterholder and financial adviser.

You can find out more about Mark here:
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