MoneyRocket PT
1-on-1 coaching
The personal touch.
Individually tailored.
Let's get it done!
When you work 1-on-1 with Mark Kruger you will have your own financial PT.

Maximum accountability. High fives. Tough love. Group hugs...ok, too far.
But we will make it powerful for you!
1-on-1 Coaching
Does this sound like you?
  • You have given up on the mortgage. You have resigned to making minimum payments for the next 20+ years.
  • Wouldn't it be nice to...retire early, work 4 days a week, have more time with the kids? - well, maybe not after Covid!
  • The big income goes on big expenses.
  • You've got dreams. Or you had dreams? What about walking that trail, visiting the family in Europe, show your kids the Outback?
  • You feel like your money goes on junk. Or you don't know where it goes. Are they your values?
  • "Damn it, I need to get on top of this!"
You are better than this. It's time to take action!
Keen to find out more???
Step 1 - register for a live webinar to see how it works >>>
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MoneyRocket is a trademark of MoneyRocket Financial Services Pty Ltd (MRFS) (ABN 34 640 911 182) which is a Corporate Authorised Representative of miPlan Advisory Pty Ltd (Australian Financial Service License: 485 478). MoneyRocket DIY (The Infinity Program) and MoneyRocket PT offer general advice only. They provide content around managing day-to-day cash flow with the aim of generating surplus cash. MoneyRocket in no way provides specific personal advice on how any surplus cash realised should be used or into which products/structures it could/should be allocated to. MRFS accepts no responsibility for any person regarding the use of any surplus funds generated – personal advice should always be sought. SuperChamp! provides general advice only around key aspects of superannuation. It does not purport to address every aspect of superannuation. Personal, tax and credit advice should always be sought regarding your individual circumstances before making any financial decisions. Personal advice is available via MoneyRocket Advice under miPlan Advisory’s AFSL.
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