I am no good at money!!

You get paid. Woohoo! You pay your bills, you party, you coffee, you do your thing. You're lucky if there's anything left over before the next pay. Where did it all go? I get it. You scrape by week-to-week. "I'm no good with money," you say. Well, I don't really believe that.
I'll try...
You have tried saving before, right? In my experience that usually means something like "I'll just try and put a bit extra away this week." Yeah nah. That is doomed to fail on so many levels. For example, when in the week were you going to do that? And how much exactly? It's the old "Oh sorry, I haven't gotten around to that yet." Which actually means we prioritised other things. Which is totally fine. But if we are honest with ourselves, we never made a decent effort to do that thing in the first place – it was just going to sort of 'happen' at some stage during the week if other things don't get in the way.

So back to money, you probably didn't have a serious crack in the first place, so don't be so tough on yourself.
Be like Yoda.
By the way, if you find yourself saying that and you were just flat out, why not try "Oh sorry, I had to prioritise other things last week." Because that's the truth, it makes you feel stronger and the other person feels that at least you thought of them – you were just too busy. The cop-out method makes you feel like a loser and the other person feels disrespected – it sounds like you just forgot their thing.

A favourite quote of mine is by Yoda – "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try." Love it!

Look, you're probably not 'bad' at money. You just need to give yourself the best chance. That means having a well thought-out plan that doesn't rely on willpower, because willpower only goes so far, even for the strongest amongst us. Check out a webinar or download "Why You Are Just Like The Cookie Monster" for more insights. You can do it! See you on the journey.
Author: Mark Kruger
Mark Kruger is an ex-concert pianist turned CFA Charterholder and financial adviser.

You can find out more about Mark here: https://www.moneyrocket.com.au
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